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5 things to think about while renewing health insurance


Renewing health insurance is like You frequently recharging your mobile battery because you don’t want the services to be interrupted, right? Similar to that, you must periodically renew your health insurance coverage to maintain it in force. Your health insurance could lapse if you don’t renew it during the grace period. Additionally, after it expires, you will have to go through the trouble of purchasing a policy once more, which can be a difficult process. Therefore, it’s crucial to renew your health insurance on time. Additionally, there are a number of factors you should consider while doing so.

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Increase the amount insured

Reviewing your coverage is a possibility at every renewal. Essentially, you should consider renewing your health insurance as a yearly physical. You go to the doctor once a year to get an assessment of your health. Similar to this, before the policy renewal date, you should analyze your health insurance and assess the coverage, advantages, features, etc. that you presently have under the plan.

It’s possible that your current health insurance plan won’t be sufficient to meet all of your needs in terms of healthcare. Or possibly it does not reflect the healthcare industry’s sharply rising expenses.

Always talk this over with your financial advisor, and as necessary, adjust the coverage. If not, you could need to use some of your savings in the event of a lengthy hospital stay. Regularly increasing your sum insured will guarantee you have enough health insurance coverage going forward.

Opt for riders/add-ons

You must assess whether the existing riders and add-ons satisfy your current and future needs as you study the coverage. When it comes time to renew your coverage, choose them if you believe they don’t.

For instance, a lot of insurers now provide an add-on that includes non-medical plan fees. The room rent cap is waived under some other plans. You can look for these new add-ons and talk to your financial advisor about whether you should sign up for them.

Look for modifications to the policy terms.

In accordance with IRDAI regulations, insurers may alter the terms and conditions of policies only with the organization’s prior consent. Additionally, they must notify you of any changes 90 days before the renewal. We advise you to keep your eyes open even then. Before renewing your insurance, it is advisable to review it with your advisor and look for any modifications to the terms and conditions. If the insurance provider changed the terms and you don’t like the modifications, you might think about porting your policy.

Port your policy

You can use a renewal as an opportunity to move your insurance if you’re dissatisfied with the advantages or features of your current policy, or the level of service you are receiving from your present insurer. This means you can transfer your current coverage to a different insurance company of your choice while preserving the continuity advantages you have earned so far. Keep in mind that portability can only be done at the time of renewal; you must notify your existing insurance provider 45 days prior to the renewal date of your policy.

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Add or delete members

At the time of renewal, you can also include or exclude family members from your health insurance policy. You can do this at renewal time if you just got married or had a kid and want to add your partner or child to the health plan. Alternatively, you can exclude a family member from the policy while renewing it if they have passed away.

If you don’t take these factors into consideration, you can wind up needing to go to the hospital, which could cost you both your funds and your peace of mind. Therefore, take the necessary precautions when renewing your health insurance to avoid any future problems.

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