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Do you really need a $1,000,000 health insurance policy?

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Health insurance, Avoid being drawn in by the visually appealing number of Rs. 1 crore for a health insurance plan. Make sure you are aware of the policy’s restrictions before buying it.

The days of buying a family’s health insurance for Rs 3-5 lakh are long gone. Insurance companies are already aggressively marketing Rs 1 crore in health insurance coverage, even though the ideal amount for health insurance is still debatable.

A few years ago, contracts for term life insurance were frequently paired with sums of Rs 1 crore. It’s quiet. However, health insurance has just joined the Rs. 1 billion bandwagons as well. But is it actually required?

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An Easy Way to Protect Your Health Care with Insurance

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Disclaimer: The data above is only provided as a guide. Please carefully review the policy’s terms and conditions. You should also consult IRDAI regulations for information on tax exemption requirements.

IBAI Claims Handbook for FY 19–20 Claims settled till February 2022

20% reduction: 10% off for policies with a 3-year term, and 10% off for policies with 4, 5, or 6-year terms.

Is Rs. 1 crore health insurance coverage actually required?

Right now, a Rs 3-5 lakh protection is definitely insufficient, but whether a Rs 1 crore cover would be helpful is debatable. It’s possible that you’ve occasionally seen medical bills on social media.

That infrequent occurrence of hospital expenses exceeding that amount. It is uncommon for medical expenditures in India to reach Rs 20 lakh. Despite the fact that you might occasionally read about these exorbitant expenses and believe that they are common, you also don’t often learn about the much more common, lower charges.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to imply that it’s impossible to rack up significant medical debt. We all hope it will never happen, but it is a possibility.

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How much health insurance is necessary?

There isn’t a good choice in this case, but having more insurance is better than not enough. Surely not?

But in practice, a household with two adults and two children can usually get by with a cover of Rs 20–25 lakh. There are two ways to use such a cover:

For Rs 20–25 lakh, pick a fundamental plan.

Since the costs are appropriate given your income and financial situation, there is nothing improper about accepting a health insurance plan for Rs 1 crore.

The situation is not as rosy, though, when you look more closely at these proposals for Rs 1 billion. You ought to proceed with caution:

Considerations to make before buying a Rs 1 crore health insurance

You may be obtaining it at a very low price right now, but premiums will rise as the insurance market’s rivalry settles. And occasionally, significantly. So, in the future, keep premium affordability for an Rs. 1 crore cover in mind. You never know; after a few years, insurers may discover that these health insurance policies costing Rs 1 crore are not financially viable for them.

Since the costs are appropriate given your income and financial situation, there is nothing improper about accepting a health insurance plan for Rs 1 crore.

However, if you take a closer look at these Rs 1 billion plans, things are not so bright. You should exercise some caution:

The products could occasionally be discontinued after a few years. In that situation, the insurance will give you options for moving that are typically more expensive.

Large promised amounts are insufficient. You should also look over the sub-limits, room rent caps, medical expense caps, and other provisions that the insurance policy contains for specific ailments. Once you realize these, the Rs 1 crore cover might not appear to be a Rs 1 crore cover. For instance, even though you have a substantial surface, you would still be required to pay the difference of Rs. 7 lakh out of your own money if your hospital bill is Rs. 12 lakh and a particular condition has a maximum cap of Rs. 5 lakh under an Rs. 1 crore policy.

Avoid being seduced by the visually enticing sum of Rs. 1 crore. Before obtaining this health insurance policy—or any other—be sure you are completely aware of the policy’s limitations.

Refrain from being lured in by the visually alluring amount of Rs. 1 crore. Make sure you are thoroughly aware of the policy’s restrictions before purchasing this health insurance policy—or any other.

A basic or base + top-up insurance of Rs. 25 lakh would typically be sufficient, as was previously stated. But are you the appropriate cover for this? It depends on your specific medical requirements as well as how much insurance you require to feel secure. Proceed accordingly. Make careful to evaluate your health insurance’s sufficiency every two to three years.

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