How to quicken the procedure of your Pending insurance claims


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Pending insurance claims are the most frequent causes of delaying insurance claims, along with fast fixes to jump-start the procedure.

Fast things have always appealed to us. We dislike waiting, whether it is for quick food, fast transportation, or speedy services.

That also holds true for the resolution of our insurance claims. Since the idea of indemnity underlies insurance, when we experience a loss, we seek a swift resolution of the claim in order to recover financially and return to where we were before the loss. As with waiting for anything else, waiting for the money can occasionally become challenging.

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How to quicken the Pending insurance claims process:

Cases, where claims are delayed for unknown reasons even after all conditions, have been satisfied and the process has been completed: In these circumstances, an insured has the following options for expediting the claim:

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has requested that insurers speed up the flood victims in Jammu & Kashmir’s claim settlement procedure.

In response, they have made announcements about helping the victims by offering early payments, requiring less paperwork, designating specific staff to handle claims, and so on. But in regular circumstances, things can be extremely different. While purchasing the policy, policyholders must take certain procedures to ensure a smooth claim settlement process.

Health Insurance

Do not rely on the agent to complete the information on your proposal form when purchasing the policy. Inaccurate disclosures say insurers, particularly those pertaining to medical status, frequently result in claim denial. “The foundation is established to make the claim for a trouble-free claim experience when anyone purchases the policy, not when a claim is filed.” Instead of entrusting a service provider or agent to complete the life insurance application on your behalf, you should do it yourself.

The first thing you (the nominee in case of a death claim) must keep in mind when making the claim is not to pay any fees to officials to secure your claim. Do not succumb to their pressure to pay the processing or approval fees. Apart from that, make sure to notify the company as soon as you can (either physically or by call centers and emails).

Insurance for health

You can use the cashless facility to process your claim as quickly as possible.

The process is not only quicker, but it also makes sure that your hospitalization won’t put a strain on your financially, even temporarily, fulfilling the primary goal of purchasing a health insurance policy.

If the surgery is scheduled in advance, notify the insurer or a third-party administrator (TPA) in writing. According to civic activist Gaurang Damani, who had filed a PIL in the Bombay High Court as a result of which the IRDA framed health insurance laws last year, Within the first 24 hours of admission, alert them if there is an emergency. If you’re required to accept a refund claim, submit all required documentation, including the claim form, discharge summary, medications, hospital bills, etc.

Before filing a claim, find out which papers are needed by visiting the website of your insurance and obtaining them. As quickly as feasible, contact (either directly or via call centers and emails) the company.

According to the new rules, the insurerTPA must request all claim-related paperwork at once (which means they cannot delay the process by asking for documents in installments). Additionally, the insurer must provide precise medical justifications for the denial of the claim.

The insurer must pay interest on any delayed payments if the claim is not resolved within 30 days of the last set of papers being submitted. So, be sure to collect the money that is legally yours, advises Damani. Finally, thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the insurance in both circumstances.

1)  Non-submission of required documents:

Understanding, organizing, and submitting all the necessary documentation for claim processing is the most typical and difficult challenge for an insured person. The turnaround time (TAT) of the insurance business, according to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), only begins on the day when the necessary paperwork is finally submitted. This causes many claims to be delayed, and the only method to address this problem is to understand what the organization actually needs. There are occasions when people submit incomplete papers or documents in order to receive a claim, which invites a delay.

Always have the actual policy documents close at hand. Make contact with the business or your agent and create a list of the necessary documents.

Send all required documents at once to prevent delays from additional requirement questions and submissions.

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2) Non-disclosure and providing incomplete information

For insurance firms, accurate facts and comprehensive information are crucial. As soon as the company learns that the information provided is fraudulent or inadequate in any way, both at the time of purchasing the policy and while submitting a claim, things are stopped. Make sure you don’t withhold any crucial information, whether it has to do with the purchase of the policy or the claim.

3)  Non-cooperation with surveyor and investigator

Insurance companies frequently engage a survey expert or an investigator to help verify a claim. The insured should see the surveyor right away and deliver all requested documentation to prevent delays. Otherwise, two problems will arise. First, the claim will be delayed. Additionally, it will make the surveyor wonder why the insured is delaying the procedure.

How to quicken the claims procedure:

Cases, where claims are delayed for unknown reasons even after all conditions, have been satisfied and the process has been completed: In these circumstances, an insured has the following options for expediting the claim:

You can ask your agent to investigate the specific issue with the claim. Since the agents provide the insurance firms business, they would have a good relationship with them and be able to find out the status of the claim in real-time.

The majority of businesses and TPAs give their clients login access. Therefore, by visiting their web portals, you may learn the status of your claim, the cause of the delay, and how to resolve it.

How to quicken the claims procedure:

Cases, where claims are delayed for unknown reasons even after all conditions, have been satisfied and the process has been completed: In these circumstances, an insured has the following options for expediting the claim:

Remaining in close contact with all stakeholders engaged in the claim process, such as the firm, the investigator, the surveyor, the TPA, etc.

The interests of the policyholders are constantly protected by IRDA. As a result, an insured party can always file a grievance over excessive claim delay on the Integrated Grievance Management System (IGMS) platform.


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