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Planned Car Insurance Cancellation? Here’s What You Should Know

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Even though they are uncommon, cancellations of auto insurance are rather common in the motor insurance industry. There are many reasons why someone might decide to revoke their auto insurance after purchasing it. You might need to terminate your insurance if you move to a different area or sell your old automobile, for instance. However, is this cancellation doable and simple? Let’s continue to decode this in the text.

Planned Termination of Car Insurance? What You Should Understand

Auto insurance cancellations are rare, yet they do happen very frequently in the automobile insurance sector. After purchasing auto insurance, one may want to cancel it for a number of reasons. If you relocate to a new region or sell your old car, for example, you might need to cancel your insurance. But is this cancellation doable and straightforward? Let’s proceed with the text’s decoding of this.

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Selling a Car

You should think about canceling your auto insurance if you have a long-term policy and decide to sell your vehicle. You need to terminate your old policy and transfer your car’s paperwork to the buyer even if your annual comprehensive auto insurance policy is still valid and has time left before it expires.

Unsatisfied with Current Insurer

If you decide to switch to a better choice because you are dissatisfied with your present insurer, that is another reason to cancel your auto insurance. In such circumstances, you must cancel your auto insurance with the prior insurer while switching to a new one.

How do I cancel my car insurance?

The process of canceling auto insurance is rather simple. If you want to cancel your four-wheeler insurance for any of the reasons listed below, use the methods listed below:

Remind the insurer.

You must notify the insurer that you intend to cancel your auto insurance policy as soon as possible. You can email or contact your insurance provider to request that they begin the cancellation procedure for your policy.

Follow Their Advice

Take your insurance provider’s advice before canceling the coverage because they can assist you with the cancellation process. The insurance company might request a declaration outlining your decision to cancel the policy. In order to cancel your insurance, you might also need to sign a document. Typically, this procedure varies for various businesses, so be sure to consult your insurer.

Obtain the insurance certificate

A vehicle insurance certificate with the specifics of the canceled policy as well as the accumulated NCB up until cancellation will be provided to you by the insurer after your auto insurance is terminated. Get this certificate as soon as possible because it will enable you to recover your accrued NCB when you buy a new auto insurance policy.

Verify the amount of the refund.

According to the terms and conditions of the policy, the insurer may return your money if you cancel a car insurance policy midterm or soon after buying it.

Never Forget to Get a New Car Insurance Plan

When you terminate your coverage, your insurance provider could request a new auto insurance policy if you specify “switching insurer” as the reason. Thus, in any situation, don’t forget to purchase a new automobile insurance plan from the new insurer. It is required to carry at least a third-party insurance policy, even if you are selling your old automobile and buying a new one.

If you cancel the coverage before it starts, you’ll probably receive a full refund.

If you cancel your auto insurance after the policy has begun, you will receive a prorated refund because you have utilized your policy for a portion of the time.

Make sure to compare third-party and comprehensive auto insurance online from Policybazaar.com if you had a negative experience with your prior insurer so that you may choose the best one this time.

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Car cancellation and long-term insurance

There will be normal requirements for canceling long-term policies with a 3+1 year duration. These policies must have a free-look-up period of 30 days starting on the day the policy was issued. The policyholder will be eligible for a pro-rata refund if they cancel the policy during this look-up period.

By providing notice of cancellation, the long-term own damage policy may be canceled at any time throughout its duration. The following premium will be refunded in these circumstances:

  • full reimbursement of the premium for the following year
  • For the year when the insurance was terminated:
  • If there are no claims filed: a Pro-rata premium refund
  • Whenever assertions are made: no premium refund
  • To the extent that it is permitted by the relevant authorities, GST and other government taxes will be returned.


Everything you require to know about terminating auto insurance was covered in the aforementioned paragraphs. You can contact your current insurer, though, if you continue to experience problems. You can get in touch with our 24-hour customer service representatives if you’ve bought insurance from PolicyBazaar.com.

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